World Bioenergy 2014

Posted on 25th November 2013

The Swedish Bioenergy Association and the Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper engineers invites you to submit a paper in the field of bioenergy related to themes and topics as below.
They are currently soliciting papers for World Bioenergy 2014 and final the date is very soon, December 1, 2014.

If you are interested in presenting a paper orally or in poster format, please click on this link:

Please feel free to forward this message in your networks.

Submissions will be evaluated by a scientific committee.
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
Important dates can be found on the website.

The organisers cordially welcome papers for presentations related to the following themes:
- Bioenergy resources and potentials
- Sustainable harvest of forest residues
- Bioenergy crops – opportunities for developing countries
- Optimising bioenergy logistics
- Material/Fuel handling and storage
- Policy to promote market development and innovation
- Policies and measures to promote trade and sustainability
- Sustainable transports based on renewable energy
- Improved combustion technologies and co-firing
- Energy from waste resources – biogas, fuels, and electricity, etc.
- Bioelectricity production
- District heating & cooling, CHP with biomass
- Refined fuel production processes, torrefaction, pyrolysis, enzymatic evolution, thermal gasification, and syngas production, etc.
- Biorefineries– optimising the value-chain
- Pellet production, increased trade – new technologies and new raw materials
- Industrial developments and business cases

Submission of other relevant topics may also be considered.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the organisers of World Bioenergy 2014,

Karin Haara
Coordinator of Scientific Committee WB14
Executive Director
World Bioenergy Association


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