Looking for partner for Defense Logistics new Biomass Generation Facility RFP-Deadline March 13

Added on 7th March 2013

The US Defense Logistics Administration is accepting bids for a new Biomass Generation Facility at Fort Drum. Niagara Worldwide Sherman Development LLC owns the former 24 MW Sherman Biomass Generating Facility in Sherman, Maine. This facility fits the power requirements of the Defense Logistics Administrations' RFP and has well maintained and relevent equipment that could be re installed at Ft. Drum. The RFP deadline is March 13, 2013.

By the movement and re installation of the Sherman equipment the cost savings could be 40% to 60% versus the installation of all new equipment. In addition, the 24 MW Plant woul dramatically cut the long lead time for setting up a “brand new” biomass plant of this size and configuration. Niagara Worldwide Sherman Development LLC. owns the Sherman facility and can help you move quickly. Unfortunately the timeframe is very tight. Interested parties will need to contact Niagara Worldwide immediately to finalize the RFP within the March 13, 2013 timeframe.

Charles Sellberg at Niagara Worldwide is working on the Defense Logistics RFP.

Looking partner Defense Logistics

Investment Size: $1,000,000 - $10,000,000

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