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Salmatec GmbH

SALMATEC supplies equipment for producing pellets and crumbs.

"Salzhausener Maschinenbautechnik SALMATEC GmbH" was founded in 1972 and has been manufacturing pelleting systems and spare parts for all known makes of pelleting machines ever since.

The company's reputation has been built on offering a very high standard of technical advice on projects and also offering a well organized and efficient service department.

There are over 2000 SALMATEC machines in operation around the world.

Over the years, SALMATEC has come to be known as a competent partner to all of the pellet producing industries as well as one of the leading manufacturers of pelleting equipment.

SALMATEC is a medium-sized company with its headquarters and plants in Germany, and with agents around the world.

SALMATEC – a successful, innovative company with unlimited know-how for all your pelleting needs

Corporate office
Salzhausener Maschinenbautechnik
Bahnhofstrasse 15A
21376 Salzhausen
Tel +49 4172 98 97-0
Fax +49 4172 13 94

Pellet presses, Conditioners