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De Smet S.A Engineers & Contractors

De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) is a general contracting company part of DS Group specialized in the agro-industrial field.

Its activity is concentrated on in-house know-how such as for the sugar industry and on technologies owned by its affiliated companies or accessible through cooperation agreements.

This is particularly effective in the edible oil and biodiesel sectors where Desmet Ballestra and its worldwide network are DSEC's key partners for the implementation of complete crushing, refining and biodiesel production facilities.

Environment as well as ionisation technologies are also directly accessible to DSEC in the same way.

DSEC is now making its general-contracting know-how available in other fields, including bio-energy and agro-chemical sectors.

DSEC’s activity is by nature orientated towards auxiliary sections for processing plants : raw material and finished products storage, handling, packaging and utilities are usually included in its contracts.

Site construction operations such as civil engineering works and installations represent the most important non-process discipline that DSEC is capable of contributing to a complete project.

DSEC's management skills can also be used in operations outside its core business by acquiring the required technologies from expert companies through carefully established agreements, ensuring complete security for the end-user.
Specific demands from customers or consultants as well as financing opportunities are also contemplated when the technology involved is close to those known by DSEC’s engineers.

From the initial studies to the post-commissioning training, DSEC has the ability and skill to successfully complete large greenfield projects up to turnkey, all within the contract’s budget and time schedule.

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Smet Engineers Contractors (DSEC)