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MHG Systems Ltd is one of the world's leading suppliers of bioenergy ERP systems. The company utilises its partner network to produce customer-oriented IT and map service solutions designed for developing bioenergy and forest energy, and field work business operations. MHG Systems is headquartered in Finland, at the heart of one of Europe's most heavily forested areas, from where the company offers its services to customers around the world.

What does MHG Systems offer?
MHG Systems offers its customer companies an MHG ERP and MHG Bioenergy ERP system and also consultation and training services on bioenergy and forest energy business operations, and field work management. In addition to the aforementioned, MHG Systems provides its customers with its know-how on modern IT technologies, mobile technology and geographical data. It also offers a technology platform which it has developed in-house.

Who are the intended users of MHG Systems' solutions?
MHG Systems' services are targeted especially at companies operating in the following sectors: energy, biofuels, electricity and heating, harvesting, sawmilling, pellets, forest services and the forestry industry.

What are the key customer benefits of MHG Systems' solutions?
MHG Systems' services provide companies operating in the bioenergy and forest energy sector with an opportunity to use fresh business operations models, more accurate cost monitoring, and real-time enterprise resource planning of biomasses and delivery chains. The company's services bring about significant cost savings and environment benefits to all operators of bioheat, bioelectricity and industrial timber production chains, thus allowing its customer companies to improve their profitability.
Customer companies can use our services to verify the social and environmental responsibility of their operations. The origin of biomasses, energy content and carbon dioxide emissions can be reported to various interest groups in real time.

MHG ERP and Bioenergy ERP is already available in various languages, and new localised versions of the system can be created very fast, if necessary. Our ERP system does not depend on the platform or operating system in place and, in most cases, requires no software to be installed, which makes for easy guarantees and hassle-free implementation.

Why should I choose MHG Systems as my partner?
Through many years of development work, MHG Systems has combined its extensive experience and core competence in the forestry and biomaterial industries with its world-class know-how on utilising IT systems, geographical data and mobile technology. Based on this know-how and close cooperation with our customers, we have developed a service concept that allows us to use modern technology and mobile solutions to deliver and improve modern bioenergy business operations.

Thanks to our history, we have the necessary know-how and practical skills to improve our customers' resource utilisation rates, optimise the quality of acquired biomaterials, and reduce the number of workers and working hours needed to acquire the necessary raw materials. All of our services support our customer companies' growth and quality strategies and real-time reporting.

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