About Us

BioenergyConnect is a fully branded website owned entirely by the World Bioenergy Association (www.worldbioenergy.org). BioenergyConnect is a communication and networking platform created to help businesses collaborate with one another. BioenergyConnect will also help and facilitate contacts and the exchange of ideas between researchers, authorities, non-governmental organisations, buyers, sellers, investors, manufacturers and conference organizers. The WBA wants researchers in Rio to have contact with their counterparts in Copenhagen, for example, and for the heads of bioenergy industry associations across Europe and Asia to have a forum where they can exchange information and ideas about pressing challenges and best practices.

BioenergyConnect is the premier forum for bioenergy professionals to make contacts and exchange ideas. Paying subscribers can create and manage their own profiles, view the profiles and engage in dialogue with other members, book meetings at special events, and participate in BioenergyConnect discussion forums on a wide range of subjects. BioenergyConnect is the ideal virtual meeting place for smart collaboration where members can share information and start new projects and where non-members can find information and contacts for specific solutions.

History of BioenergyConnect

The original idea for BioenergyConnect was originally conceived in early 2010 after consultation with major biomass suppliers in Europe. It was identified early on that the biomass industry, in particular, lacked a 24 Hour resource with the specific function of facilitating the growth of start up agricultural producers of industrial pellets. Very soon after it became clear that this was also true with biogas and biofuel producers. The World Bioenergy Association found itself in a unique position to bring its list of contacts together to help these companies establish themselves in the market place by offering non-biased assistance and references. As the number of inquiries increased it was decided that we needed a solution that would be self-explanatory and trusted as a source of information for the investors and start-ups to find the best products, services and consultancy available today. BioenergyConnect quickly went into the design and development phase. Further consultation made it clear that these start up organisations were often startled by the choices laid before them and that the proposed time periods and strategies would often lack clarity and vision. It was, therefore, decided that BioenergyConnect would only have a small number of companies within niche areas offering only the best solutions so that we stood out from the numerous traditional "directories" currently available in the market.

So what makes BioenergyConnect different? And how should it position itself whilst there are currently many large sites offering networking services? The answer is surprisingly simple and goes back to the ethos of the founding members of the World Bioenergy Association – which is to inform and educate the world about the untapped potential for utilizing Bioenergy for socio-economic and environmental benefit. BioenergyConnect's uniqueness is not only the comprehensive features and functions you would expect on any leading networking platform, but that it has been conceived to be unambiguous in its goal to enlighten, inform and share from a completely neutral perspective.

What BioenergyConnect will undoubtedly achieve is to provide a strengthened identity to the industry by sharing our common goal – growth. And we will do this together. This has not been done before in any industry and has, to my knowledge, never been attempted. It is a bold idea - to build a platform that offers real benefits to companies, large or small, or even the inquisitive individuals just taking their first tentative steps into the world of Bioenergy.